Linear Motif Conservation Filter

Sequence input

You can enter either a single sequence or a multiple sequence alignment.

Protein sequence

Please enter a single protein sequence in FASTA format:

Multiple sequence alignment

Please enter the sequence identifier of the reference sequence, where the putative motif instances will be searched.
The reference sequence identifier MUST be identical to the identifier of such sequence in the alignment:

Please enter the multiple sequence alignment:


If you wish, you can enter your own regular expression to check for the conservation of a specific motif.
Otherwise the conservation score will be calculated for all the motifs contained in the ELM database.
When entering the regular expression please make sure to follow the ELM regular expressions' syntax:

Conservation score model


Cellular compartment filtering

You can also choose the cellular compartment (one or several) of the query sequence.
This information wil be used for filtering out the motifs that are not functional in the selected compartment(s).